Gastroenterology Medicine In Chennai

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Gastroenterology Focused on Digestive System and its Disorders. Medicines are given in Order To Cure Certain Gastrointestinal Cancers, Bleeding, Gallstones & Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Gastroenterology Drugs:

Pancreatin 10000, Pancreatin 25000, Rifaxim 200mg, 400mg, 550mg, Glutathione 500mg Tab, Glutathione Inj 600mg, Esomeprazole, Potassium Citrate Magnesium Syrup 200ml / Tab, Acotiamide Hydrochloride 100mg, Alfuzosin Hydrochloride, Pantoprazole Sodium & Itopride Hydrochloride sr Caps, Ubidecarenone L-Carnitina, L-Tartrate, Lycopene & Calcium & vitamin D3 Tab, Chlordiazepoxide & sr Mebeverine Hcl Cap, Essential Amino Acids, s Adenosyl L Methionine 400mg, Wokride, Wokride D, Rifnim, Udiwok.

COMPANY: Gastroenterology Medicine

  • Larenon(Urology)
  • Dr.Reddys (Spectra)