Antibiotics and Painkiller In Chennai


Bio Square Life Sciences is a distributor and supplier of antibiotics and painkiller in Chennai. We are one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in India and have one of the most comprehensive portfolios of medicines supplies.

Antibiotics And Painkiller, Transplant Medicines low rate in Chennai.

Antibiotics & Painkiller:

Antibiotics and painkillers are both frequently prescribed medications, but both have very different actions to achieve their goals of helping the person to feel better during the course of the infection.

Antibiotics are Medications That Destroy or Slow down the Growth of Bacteria.

Painkillers are medicines that are used To Treat Pain for a Few Days or Weeks. But Some People Need To Take Them for a Long Time.

Pain Management Products:

  • Buta-Proxyvon (30gm Gel)

Antibiotic Products:

  • Cefiwok-O, Cefiwok XL, Wokride Sore Throat, Wokadine.

COMPANY: - Antibiotics and painkiller

  • Dr.Reddys (Spectra)
  • VHB
  • Biokindle Life Sciences